EAZE [MMJ Card and Shop Review]

November 19, 2017

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Millions of Americans smoke marijuana either for medicinal purposes or fun. In years gone by, the medical marijuana application process was a long and drawn out affair. You had to jump through countless hoops and wait for what seemed like an eternity to get approved. Those days are firmly in the rearview mirror as companies like Eaze help you complete the 420 online and receive your card in minutes.

Who is Eaze?

Eaze was founded in 2014 and claims to be the fastest growing technology start-up in the cannabis industry. It acts as an ‘on-demand’ medical marijuana service that helps provide needy patients with easy access to medical marijuana via a mobile device. In the past, patients had to search a variety of dispensaries manually for every order because stock varies.

The verification process typically takes over 24 hours and has to be repeated for every single dispensary! Eaze offers technology to automate the entire process, and it is possible to receive your medicine within 20 minutes. In 2016 alone, Eaze raised over $12.5 million in venture capital funding and is set to rule supreme in the online medical marijuana niche.

What is the Eaze Process Like?

Eaze is not joking when it says its goal is to revolutionize the way people receive evaluations and recommendations for medical marijuana. It promises to connect you to a doctor via live video, and you can do so using your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The first step is to sign up by filling in a few information fields including your name, password and ZIP code. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can download the Eaze app for quick and easy access. Once you’ve signed up, the company automatically sends you an email asking whether you need a medical card.

This requires a little more effort, but all you need to do is download the application form, complete medical forms and enter your credit card details. You do all of the above using your mobile device, and you don’t get charged unless your application is approved.

The next step is the most crucial; you are connected to a California-based doctor who works on behalf of Eaze. This medical professional will engage in a video chat to determine if you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card. The best news is that approval is determined at the end of the call and if you are declared eligible, you receive a digital version of your medical marijuana card immediately. You should receive the physical letter between five and seven working days after approval. The paperwork is valid for a year.

Purchasing Your Eaze Weed

There is no need to wait once you’ve received your MMJ from Eaze! The card costs just $19, and you can benefit from a $20 coupon for the marijuana you purchase from the company’s online store. Instead of having to wander down to your local dispensary, you can shop on Eaze’s site.

Simply go to the Eaze menu and choose your preferred strain. As you can see from the left-hand side of the page, you can narrow down your search by looking for a specific type of marijuana. There are always deals, and once you make your purchase, you can have the marijuana in your hand within 30 minutes.

We were very impressed by the enormous range of products available on the online store. If you are new to marijuana or simply lack the skills to roll a good joint, Eaze offers a pre-rolled option for as little as $5 apiece. There are also topicals, edibles, sprays and accessories such as rolling papers and vape kits.

According to the founder and CEO of Eaze, Keith McCarty, speed is of the essence if the company hopes to see repeat customers. He claims that Eaze sees a significant drop in repeat business if his drivers can’t get a package to a customer within 28 minutes of the order. The drivers are employed by dispensaries, but Eaze is in charge of routing and dispatching them. If you’re really lucky, a driver might already be delivering packages in your area which means you’ll get your package in less than 15 minutes!

Is Eaze Safe to Use?

It is one of the safest possible ways to apply for a medical marijuana card online. All of the doctors used by Eaze are California Board approved, and many of them are well-known and well-respected in their field. They are also extremely open-minded and understand that marijuana is capable of treating a wide variety of pains and aches.

At present, Eaze is primed and ready for use throughout San Francisco, but it has major expansion plans in the near future. First, it aims to include Southern California, Colorado, and Washington before focusing on every other state where medical marijuana is legal.

McCarty realizes that his company faces stiff competition from other start-ups but is confident that the speed and quality of service on offer means customers will continue to choose Eaze.

Final Thoughts on Eaze

One of the great things about Eaze is that the company uses its own technology which means it can upgrade as often as it needs to. Having the ability to apply for an MMJ card online and purchase your marijuana from your mobile device is remarkably convenient. Although Eaze’s doctors will not approve everyone, they will not turn away anyone who has a legitimate case for needing an MMJ card.

The entire process is really simple, and Eaze’s customer service is also top notch. The incredible speed of delivery is another plus point, and we predict that Eaze will have a lot of repeat customers if it’s possible to deliver to everyone in San Francisco within 30 minutes! The only downside with Eaze so far is its lack of reach. Yet even that problem will be a thing of the past shortly as the company expands. It has the financial backing, the market and the quality to go far and we believe it will. 9.5/10

Check them out by visiting Eaze

Official Site: www.eaze.com

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